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Uh, Here We Go Steelers?

Here we go… right to the bottom of the AFC. Brilliant play, guys. I can't even blame Bill Cowher this week: Ben sucked (again), the O-Line sucked (again), the playcalling sucked (again), the defense sucked in the second half (again - but see the previous three notes). Every aspect of the Steelers sucked.

Still, 10-2 to finish the year and the Steelers are 11-5. 9-3 and they're 10-6 (which, in the AFC, probably won't get you jack squat). So I'm rooting for 10-2 to finish the year. Outside of that, pfffft.

Sad that the guy who was 27-4 is now 27-7. Yeah, that's still 80 (79.4)%, but it's going in the wrong direction fast.