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QotD: Longest Car Trip

Question: What's the longest car trip you've ever taken? How about straight through (without stopping to sleep)?

My Answer: 17 hours when I drove from Florida to PA (and vice versa) and today - 11 hours from Erie to Myrtle Beach.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Longest Car Trip"

  1. I drive from Raleigh to Green Bay and back twice a year or so. The longest trip I ever drove on was from Raleigh to Rochester MN (a little over 20 hours). I don't drive those straight through... I'm only good for about 12-13 hours of straight drive time.

  2. I once drove straight through from south Florida to Long Island, NY. Took me 23 hours, most of which was spent on the BQE (j/k). No-Doz was my friend.

  3. I've driven from New Paltz, NY to Wichita, KS without sleep, nonstop. It's a good 24+ hour trip.

    The funny thing about lengthy trips such as that (or the one mentioned above, Florida to Long Island) is that you rarely seem to hit heavy traffic until you get where you're going.

    When I drive from New Paltz to Brooklyn I can go 70 the entire way until I get into Brooklyn, getting through the last leg of the trip usually takes almost as long as the rest of the trip did.

  4. 39 hours straight. 11 gas stops. ~15 minutes per stop to buy carbs.

    My friend and I drove from Hermosillo, MX (almost a straight line South of Tuscon) to Winnipeg, MB (middle of Canada) returning from our roadtrip to Mexico.

    Going down there we went East, through Houston and Corpus Christi, there were a couple 13-14 hour days on the way South.

    We went all the way to Acapulco, and logged over 17,000kms over 8 weeks.

  5. We departed at 3:00pm from Amherst MA (2 hrs west of Boston), made two 1-hour stops and a few pee breaks, and arrived at Panama City Beach FL at about 3:00pm the next day for a juvenile but very fun week of Spring Break.