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Hits to the Head and Special Teams

Apparently, launching yourself in the air and putting two helmets on a QB's helmet is legal against the Steelers.

Nice special teams today, Steelers. Really great. And if Ben keeps getting hit in the head, he can join them in special ed.

3 Responses to "Hits to the Head and Special Teams"

  1. hahaha. You didn't hear about the NFL rule that states any harm done to a Steelers player that might otherwise be considered illegal is actually legal.

    I share your feelings, and saddness today, I'm sure.

  2. That's odd, even the Steelers aren't complaining about the hit.

    I didn't see it until now - the 11pm news - and well, it looked about as obvious a call as the Cowher timeout.

    Whine all you want. All that's happening is the usual evening of calls for mediocre teams like the Steelers have been for quite a few years.

    Obviously I'm not a Steeler fan. That said, this game was the most exciting NFL game I've seen in quite a few years. Period.

    As for me? Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the team/sport I most love to watch go for a francchise best 9-0 record in Montreal.

  3. I'm not blaming the refs for the loss. I'm just pointing out the sheer lunacy of a few calls - the Holmes "review" when he had four or five steps in-bounds, the Ben hit, the Troy "running into the kicker" call, etc. Even the call to end regulation play was odd. But those aren't why the Steelers lost. They should have dominated - they did dominate - but they fumbled repeatedly and their special teams is horrible, and that's why they lost.

    It was far from an exciting game for me because I knew how it'd end. I can only hope that this season ends Bill Cowher's stay in Pittsburgh.

    In the words of someone else:

    I give some blame to Cowher for this loss for his inability to play Davenport, and squatting on a 3 point lead with 1 minute left in the half, 3 timeouts, and a red hot Ben. I blame Cowher for challenging an obvious and inevitable TD, that cost us a TO that could have avoided Nate's false start fiasco. I blame Cowher for continuing to let Coke return punts, and fumbling away 7 points to Cincy in a game that was decided by 8. I blame Cowher for starting Simmons in this game after Kemo had a monster game. I blame Cowher for continuing to start do-nothing Wilson over talented, fast WR like Washington and Holmes, who continue to have very good games from the #3 and #4 spot, while Wilson does nothing but get Ward double coverage at #2. I blame Cowher for the fake punt bullshit against San Diego that cost us valuable field position.

    (The list goes on.)