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6A Launches Vox, Vows to Really Ignore MT!

Vox AnnouncementToday, as I complete my move away from the wretched and steaming pile of doggy doo that is a MovableType installation with more than 20 entries or 50 comments to WordPress (which has plenty of quirks of its own), I notice this: Vox is now available.

Hooray for SixApart, Ben, and Mena (seen at right prompting the pooch to "produce" more code for MovableType). Now, with yet another subscription service to complement TypePad, they can further ignore all of their non-subscriber-based software, like MovableType.

What finally pushed me over the edge? A combination of things. Mainly the knowledge that, despite 6A knowing that scripts like mt-search.cgi were glacially slow and resource-intensive (while the same search in the admin area is rather speedy) for about a year now, they've done nothing about it. I'll only stand for such blatant neglect, for continually being given the bird, for so long before I leave if only for the sake of change.

When ten instances of mt-search.cgi are enough to shoot server loads to the 25+ range, something ain't right. When searches take 2-3 minutes? Something ain't right. When software is as bad as MovableType has become - something ain't right.

I'll have more to say about my transition later.

P.S. Yes, I realize you can currently sign up for Vox free of charge.

One Response to "6A Launches Vox, Vows to Really Ignore MT!"

  1. I was just tired of the spam that was getting through. That and TextMate's blogging bundle would only work for the first user on a site.