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Good WordPress Plugins

I'm looking for recommendations on good, useful, and fun WordPress plugins. Lay 'em on me (in the comments). Thanks!

12 Responses to "Good WordPress Plugins"

  1. Akismet - I've had zero spam getting through so far. (MT was still giving me 10 a day or so--besides the thousand or so it was blocking).
    * Akismet

    * Markdown

    WP-Polls is good, and there are a bunch more of plugins here.
    * WP-Polls

    Sidebar Widgets - This should have been installed by default
    * Sidebar Widgets

    There are two different admin interfaces I'm playing with (on different weblogs):
    * Tiger Style Administration is good, but has issues that widgets throw it for loops.
    * Admin Drop Menus

  2. Akismet seems to come default now - I didn't have to do anything to get it.

    Markdown I'll never use simply because I don't want to be "locked in" to the Markdown way of doing things.

    All the others appear to be incredibly useful. I have the Tiger Style Administration installed now and it's definitely helped. Thanks.

  3. I helped set up a few WP sites, and would recommend the plugins mentioned.

    also check out wp-cache if you haven't yet, and be sure to look for the blank fix for it (apparently a PHP4->PHP5 version specific issue). Should save a few CPU cycles, as you seem to like to keep an eye on them...

  4. WP-Cache was one of the first things I installed. I don't have PHP 5 on this server, so I guess the "blank fix" doesn't apply to me.

  5. I use and to make sure I have lots of stats and data that I will never look at.

  6. Thrilled to see you switching to WordPress, it's much neater than MT POS 😀

    This site is the best place to check for most plugins

  7. I use these: - Quite possibly the best plugin I have. It uses signatures to identify and block spammers from even getting traffic from your site (much less getting to where they could post comments). Combined with Askimet, you have a *very* solid spam prevention base. - Makes footnotes that look like what Gruber has on Daring Fireball. - Supports tagging of posts, tag clouds, etc. - Generate sitemaps to submit to Google of your site. - Combines FeedBurner reporting and Google Analytics reporting right into your admin dashboard.

    I also use the Feedburner and Google plugins Lloyd mentioned above.

  8. I'm currently using Sociable for digg,, etc buttons, and Code Auto Escape to post source code to my blog. They both seemed to be the most popular in their categories when I was looking at all the different options.

  9. In addition to what's been said already:

    WP Lightbox JS, It gives image overlays using the Lightbox JS

  10. Here's a list, with links, of what I'm using currently:

    Out of that list, the ones I'd recommend are:

    Admin Drop Menus (mentioned above, it's really handy for saving time)
    Akismet (be sure to enable it - the best spam protection I've seen)
    Enforce www. Preference (if you'd rather not mess with htaccess)
    Gravatar (though is currently frozen for an upgrade, when it works properly people in your comments get avatars)
    PXS Mail Form (easily insert a contact form)
    runPHP (allows you to run PHP within a WP page)
    Subscribe To Comments (one of my faves, this is a must)
    Time of day (post time approximations)

    The rest are installed but may be deleted soon when I change themes, or I was only trying them out. Some also only fit my situation, like the Flickr Photo Gallery plugin.

  11. Here are a few:

    I like the ones that toss ping/trackbacks into the moderation queue for approval instead of going straight to the live page. (Does Akismet moderate trackbacks as well? Can't remember.)

    Welcome to WP!

  12. [...] I’ve enabled (or am in the process of enabling) a bunch of WordPress plugins, as suggested by the many kind folks in the comments to my query entry. I will be using this entry (and the comments section) to try a few out, so if things are wonky for a few hours, please let it slide. 🙂 [...]