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Rotating Header Images are Back!

Yes, one of the first things I ever did with my blog was rotate images. Everyone did in 2002 and 2003, didn't they?

Well, with the current theme I'm using (and in the process of hacking… which will resume as soon as I clear up about 300 more entries that WordPress hosed over on the import), it's easy, so they're back. I have about 50 or so right now, though WP-Cache will probably show you the same one on each page, so reloading won't do you much good.

One Response to "Rotating Header Images are Back!"

  1. Welcome to WordPress! I'm not exactally a power user, and my site definatley doesn't now it since upgrading the K2 theme I was using (gotta put my few and pathetic customizations back in). I was curious, how are you implementing the rotating images in the header?