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iTunes 7.0.2 Update, Smart Video Playback Window?

iTunes 7.0.2 showed up in my Software Update as having the ability to use the second-generation Shuffle, so I installed it. Oddly, it then updated my iTunes Library. Odd.

My daily listening includes a few video podcasts (namely Ze Frank's The Show), a few audio podcasts, and whatever's in my Shuffle Play. I almost always use iTunes in its miniaturized mode.

Sometimes I'll hear Ze Frank speaking, but no (separate) video window will appear. If I open the video window, watch the show, and then begin playing the next song, the album art appears.

iTunes in Small Mode
This is "small mode," and iTunes is this size on my screen 99.5% of the time.

There seems to be no way for iTunes to simply open a video window when it's in "small" mode and to close the window when it's not. I put one of my music videos after the BuzzCast (see picture above - that's "small" mode) and it didn't open. If I manually opened it (by clicking the little video in the full iTunes window), the album art for the following song appeared when the video was done playing.

I realize podcasts and music videos in particular can be played without video. However, I'd like to see the video. The Show isn't nearly as funny without it, and the few music videos I have wouldn't get in my way too much.

Does anyone else see this problem? Has anyone found a solution? Occasionally a video window will appear on its own, but I can't determine the pattern.