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Mostly Moved to MediaTemple

For the most part, I've moved to MediaTemple. This domain ( will actually be the last one to move on this site (though the database is currently being hosted on the new server as a trial). moved yesterday.

Currently, I'm waiting for the DNS changes to take place for a few sites, like and MediaTemple must be a bit behind some other folks, or something has gone just a little wrong, because several of the domains I transferred today aren't being picked up by MT's nameservers just yet.

I'm hoping the (dv)3 upgrade is rolled out soon. vBulletin requires MySQL1 4.x, and the (dv)2 plan only includes 3.23.58.

  1. Not MovableType as I originally brain farted. []

8 Responses to "Mostly Moved to MediaTemple"

  1. I have a powerful feeling that you don't mean "MovableType."


  2. I have an even more powerful feeling he meant "MySQL" instead.

  3. Probably MySQL.

  4. YEs, MySQL. [brain fart];

  5. So, I'm curious; why didn't you go with the gs?

  6. Stephen Speicher said on November 2, 2006:

    So, I'm curious; why didn't you go with the gs?

    Why would I go with the gs? I like having more control over a system than a true shared account offers.

  7. hello there mt neighbour! I too have moved over to MT although I went for the grid server as it suited me better, plenty of disk space and lots of domains, it's allowed me to consolidate all my hosting to a single account and it ended up being cheaper as well.
    Anyway, like yourself, I'm waiting for my domains to propagate before I move my main site across, and yes it's happening a bit slow here as well.

  8. I moved my site to Mediatemple (on a dedicated-virtual, the gridserver concept is nice on paper but isn't rost enough techically and results in loads of downtime) yesterday.

    I kept the propagation period down to FIVE MINUTES though, by using the brilliant service at, a division of Network Solutions. Their nameservers update almost instantly and provide fabulous backup which reduces the risk of downtime....

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