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Mostly Moved to MediaTemple

For the most part, I've moved to MediaTemple. This domain ( will actually be the last one to move on this site (though the database is currently being hosted on the new server as a trial). moved yesterday.

Currently, I'm waiting for the DNS changes to take place for a few sites, like and MediaTemple must be a bit behind some other folks, or something has gone just a little wrong, because several of the domains I transferred today aren't being picked up by MT's nameservers just yet.

I'm hoping the (dv)3 upgrade is rolled out soon. vBulletin requires MySQL ((Not MovableType as I originally brain farted.)) 4.x, and the (dv)2 plan only includes 3.23.58.

8 Responses to "Mostly Moved to MediaTemple"

  1. I have a powerful feeling that you don't mean "MovableType."


  2. I have an even more powerful feeling he meant "MySQL" instead.

  3. Probably MySQL.

  4. YEs, MySQL. [brain fart];

  5. So, I'm curious; why didn't you go with the gs?

  6. [quote comment="20608"]So, I'm curious; why didn't you go with the gs?[/quote]
    Why would I go with the gs? I like having more control over a system than a true shared account offers.

  7. hello there mt neighbour! I too have moved over to MT although I went for the grid server as it suited me better, plenty of disk space and lots of domains, it's allowed me to consolidate all my hosting to a single account and it ended up being cheaper as well.
    Anyway, like yourself, I'm waiting for my domains to propagate before I move my main site across, and yes it's happening a bit slow here as well.

  8. I moved my site to Mediatemple (on a dedicated-virtual, the gridserver concept is nice on paper but isn't rost enough techically and results in loads of downtime) yesterday.

    I kept the propagation period down to FIVE MINUTES though, by using the brilliant service at, a division of Network Solutions. Their nameservers update almost instantly and provide fabulous backup which reduces the risk of downtime....