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Slugger lets you use tags in your post to define the WordPress "slug" (which is used in the URL).

As soon as I finish the podcast I'm editing, I'm going to have to try this out. I hope that the slug and tags are removed from the entry after the slug is created. I don't want them hanging around in case I ever remove Slugger.

Update: Slugger doesn't actually remove the slugs. Bummer. Here's to version 0.3!

2 Responses to "Slugger"

  1. Allow me to belay your fears Erik. Indeed the slug "disappears" on display. Enjoy.

  2. Colin, you've misunderstood me. I want the entire "[slug][/slug]" bit removed from my entry. I don't want it stored in the database, nothing.

    Currently, the slug remains. That means if I ever disable Slugger, all of my "slugged" entries will suddenly begin showing "[slug]some_title_here[/slug]" in them.