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NSLog(); Header Image Propagation Complete?

If, when you ping, you get an IP address other than "," please post the IP address in the comments.

Thank you.

7 Responses to " Propagation Complete?"

  1. No got

  2. I'm getting

  3. Its now

  4. I'm getting, too.

  5. [...] So really, it seems to be something on or about the new server that's causing the problem, as yesterday saw a mix of single- and double-spaced emails (while the DNS was still propagating and some were still seeing the old server). All of today's emails have been double spaced. [...]

  6. [...] I updated the DNS records for over eight days ago. Everyone quickly came to the new IP address. Everyone except OpenDNS customers, that is. OpenDNS has not yet updated. I didn't notice until I got a few emails from people asking why NSLog(); was 404ing on them. [...]

  7. Wow am I happy I'm not the only one!

    I just wrote an email to OpenDNS because of this very problem. I transferred my domain to a new registrar recently AND switched hosts while I was at it. After all the changes had been made it took my ISP's DNS under 10 minutes to propagate but of course I understand it can take 24-48 hours. Well here I am 5 days later and so far ONLY OpenDNS is still pointing in the wrong direction.

    Man those guys are unreliable.