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Apache/PHP Help in Loading a Module

I'm attempting to help a friend with an Apache/PHP issue. In her shared server's local account, she has the PECL HTTP "" shared library. She'd like to load the module for use in a PHP page or two. She has no access to httpd.conf or other configuration files and the .so is located at an odd path, say, /usr/home/friend/pecl_http-1.3.3/modules/

Does this need to be loaded - and can it be - via .htaccess directives? Or is this not an Apache issue at all, but a PHP issue?

If anyone can provide some help, that would be great. Some quick Google searches turned up nothing this morning, and now I have a few hours of work on another project, so I won't get back to this until this evening. Perhaps someone will answer by then.

2 Responses to "Apache/PHP Help in Loading a Module"

  1. Your friend may be out of luck if she doesn't have access to httpd.conf: as far as I know, that's the only way to load Apache plugins.

  2. Well, PHP might be set up with the dl() function enabled, and although it is specified to only load modules in the PHP extension directory there is a script in the comments on the manual page for dl() which seems to be for loading a locally installed module:

    You might also be able to find a configuration directive for PHP which loads a module and which can be set through htaccess.

    This is under the assumption that this is a module for PHP, and not for Apache.