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Seeking an Icon Developer

Brad and I are looking for an icon developer who isn't busy to do some icons for "Iris," an application I've mentioned a few times here. Adam Betts is busy (though I've sent another plea to him). Eugen Buzuk is busy. My personal favorite, Julia Nikolaeva, is also busy.

More below…

This icon developer would be responsible for about 25-30 icons in total. That sounds like a lot, but it breaks down something like this:

  • (1) Application icon
  • (5) Document icons ((These will all be the same except for some text at the bottom, similar to how Preview's document icons work. So this is really one icon with a few different characters at the bottom.))
  • (10-15) Toolbar/Preferences Icons
  • (10) Small icons that will fit inside table view rows and things.

The Mac OS is moving towards resolution independence, so these icons should either be vector art or should be up to 512 x 512 (with vector art preferred, as that makes creating good-looking versions at any size - for marketing, business cards, etc. - easy).

We'd like the icons done by roughly the end of the year, and we're fairly flexible on interpretations for the main graphic icon.

More details are available, but for now, we're asking that some icon designers who have some time for this project contact us. I can be reached at my first name (erik), all lowercase, or via AIM at "iacas," which is also a valid address for both email and IM.

Update: scratch all that. My plea worked. 😉