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Are You Buying a Wii?

I'm trying the Democracy WordPress polling plugin and this is the first poll I've created:


Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

11 Responses to "Are You Buying a Wii?"

  1. I'm of the "eventually" camp. There's just nothing that interests me in the Wii right now. I do have a 'cube, but I hardly play anything on it anymore. So I'll wait and see.

    I can also blame World of Warcraft for eating up all my gaming time.

  2. Eventually because at the moment I can't find one *to buy*. I was late for the pre-orders by two customers and there was no way in hell I was going to pay upwards of $700 to pre-order a bundle from Gamestop/EB Games online. I *might* pre-order one from Amazon if I can get in quick enough and it's not the, erm, *bundle* deal.

    I'll get over it. I'm just in it for Zelda at the moment and, as you've pointed out, it'll take aeons to finish it. Besides, I've been waiting quite a while for it already. (And I could play it on the GameCube.)

  3. I want to, I really do. But there's no point: I'd never play with it (after, say, the first day). At least as far as this generation of consoles go, it'd be a much cheaper option "impulse buy".

    Of course, that's assuming you could buy one on an impulse this year anyway.

  4. Only "eventually" because I'm tight for money and there's no immediate favorite (yes, I'm putting down Zelda) in the launch line-up. I'm sure I'll like Wii Sports, but I'd like another game too.

  5. Hell nope, I'd rather buy 4 games for my 360.

  6. I'd rather buy a PS3 or 360... more likely the latter. I've never been a fan of the "Nintendo-only" games such as Mario or Zelda. Super Smash Bros isn't bad, but it's not something to choose a console over. While the other two are more expensive, I've been more impressed by them. And Halo 2 rocks.

    Also, it seems not many of your readers like console games... 😉

  7. I will absolutely buy a Wii! I have mine on pre-order, I'll be picking it up on the 19th. I am not even a console gamer, I used to game on a PC, and a little since I went Mac. What really appeals to me is the innovative control design, and the Apple'esque feel of the console itself.

    I can't wait to try out games like Red Steel, and Mario Galaxy.


    Finally, a gaming system that brings some fun back into the act of gameplaying instead of the motionless droolfests that gaming had become.

    Life is too short to memorize arcane button combos.

  9. [...] I must admit I’m hooked, the control’s are far simpler than I imagined. And to think 4 weeks ago I said there was no way I’d buy one. Impulsive, you [...]

  10. I really want a game system but I can't decide between a PS3 or a Nintendo Gamecube or a Wii. I don't know much about either of them and I can't seem to find any information! Please, I need to know where I can get some! 🙄

  11. just seen a few wii consoles for under 160 new on the abov pages. really useful to check all lowest nintendo wii , or ps3 bundles .. don't belive me have a look, although should say the lists change everytime they sellout.