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Is the iPhone Real?

TUAW seems to think so, saying today's China Times says the iPhone design has been "finalized and released to manufacturing." Supposedly, the iPhone will include a 2.0 MP camera and debute in late Q1 or early Q2 2007. So I ask:


Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

7 Responses to "Is the iPhone Real?"

  1. I want to believe, just because I just plain want a phone that actually looks good but doesn't suck (ie. not the RAZR, and without the superfluous fake plasticy metal of my Nokia 6126).

  2. I'd pay a little more for an Apple-branded phone, done right. The fact that my Sony Ericsson phone is two years old means that I'm looking at phones anyway (casually). So, my reasons are partially selfish, too.

    I think it would be tough for Apple to break into the cell phone market, as most people just get their phone with a contract (or use a prepaid phone). Either way, they're not buying the phone directly through Apple. So, Apple would need to sell the phones to companies like Cingular, Verizon, Tracphone, etc.

    I think any of these companies would jump at the chance to sell Apple's stuff, considering that it's Apple (guaranteed sales). I don't depends on how it fits into the iPod lineup, since it will undoubtedly play music. Steve Jobs wouldn't let a ROKR slip out of Apple HQ, though...and if they indeed make another ROKR, then it's going to fail, just like the last one.

  3. Most current phones either look good (RAZR, Samsung D900 etc) or have a nice OS (Sony Ericsson), but no-one seems to be able to bring the two together. I want to believe as I think that Apple is one of the few companies who could actually deliver a decent all-round package, although probably at a premium price.

  4. Instead of me repeating it, read this.

  5. If it ever comes out, I hope it's not tied to a carrier. I'm so tired of signing another 12-month contract in order to get most decent phones for less than $300 to $400. I'd rather spend $299, buy a decent phone, and not be tied to a carrier. Put in a SIM card and talk talk talk.

  6. I can't really vote... you don't have a "I don't really care at all." 🙂

  7. I think yes.