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My Wii Console Code

My Wii console code is: 6703 3062 3247 5192. If you want to add me, go ahead. If you want to post yours in the comments, please feel free to do so. I'll add the people I consider friends to my console as they comment (and as they obtain their Wiis). Feel free to add me to yours if you'd like.

14 Responses to "My Wii Console Code"

  1. You got to wonder why Nintendo uses console codes instead of something easy to remember like a username. I think they're secretly and subliminally training kids to remember credit card details. 😛

  2. Done and Done. 7197 3259 5381 4425 over here.

  3. Well, well, I did end up finding one after all. So, if you'd like, Erik:
    1144 1735 2987 8387

    Happy Wii-ing!

  4. 4602 4785 1228 7232.

    I want as many little Miis as possible.

  5. I've added you. Here's my Wii Number:
    4336 4691 7590 1757

  6. Count me in:

    4303 4803 7101 5528

  7. I've added everyone above to mine (though I'll have to change Charles' name, as I mistakenly labeled you "C. Platzer" in the address book).

  8. I'm adding all of the above as well.

    Mine is 0141-4176-1669-5221.

  9. I'm way behind on this post, sorry, just got my Wii and added your code to mine. Here's mine:

    2852 0568 3974 9614

  10. Future posters: if I do not know you, I will not approve your comment.

  11. Didn't manage to get a Wii until now 🙁

    8587 7464 5397 0744

  12. Mine is 0158 9598 7377 7653

  13. Time to add my Wii code here 😉

    5987 8144 7576 3275

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