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Doing Good Deeds

Two nice things happened to people I know and I wanted to share them.

First, Carey was waiting in a looooong line at Kohl's on Black Friday. A Canadian woman behind her ((We get a lot of Canadian shoppers at the Millcreek Mall for some reason.)) was wearing a heavy jacket and holding on to several items. Carey offered several times to hold the items in her cart (which were tough to come by) for the woman and, eventually, she gave in and took her jacket off, commenting on how she was burning up and how it was so nice not to have to hold all the items. Several of the woman's friends also used Carey's cart to house some of their items and to keep their place in line. When they all got to the register, the woman and all of her friends offered Carey the $10 (per $50 spent) "Kohl's Kash" coupons as a thanks. They're valid only on Monday and, as Canadians, they couldn't use them anyway. Carey netted $130 in free good at Kohl's.

Saturday, I helped my half-brother-in-law Rich buy a Plasma TV (he got a 50" Phillips with AmbiLight). We shopped for six hours, and then found that it wouldn't fit into my Touareg. As we were contemplating our options in front of the Best Buy, a middle-aged man and his father stopped by in their pickup truck and asked how far away we lived. I said "two miles; and, to cut out some unimportant details, they ended up driving Rich and his large television back to my house. When Rich offered them $20, they absolutely refused to take it and instead said "I told you we weren't doing anything else today. Just do a good deed and pass it on." Not quite exactly the "Pay it Forward" meme, but an impressive display of generosity, and now I am intent on doing someone an incredibly impressive favor myself.

Two stories on back-to-back days that really renewed my faith in human kind.

2 Responses to "Doing Good Deeds"

  1. pardon the stupid question but: why can't Canadians use coupons at Kohl's? Is it something specific that we've done?

  2. [quote comment="25497"]pardon the stupid question but: why can't Canadians use coupons at Kohl's? Is it something specific that we've done?[/quote]

    The coupons were good for one day (yesterday) and there are no Kohl's anywhere near where these ladies lived. Since they weren't coming back to Erie just to go to one store on a specific day, they couldn't use the coupons.