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Wii Tennis: (Mii * 2)^2

Today I played a five-set match against myself. Two-on-two and completely against myself. The Wii split-screened the match and I had to hit, then immediately look to the other half of the screen. I almost never used my guy at the net because I wasn't quick enough to know whether it was a forehand or a backhand. The "left" side won, 3-2, and each team broke the other's serve once.

I bowled a 267 (nine strikes, two spares in the 8th and 10th frames) yesterday in bowling, a personal high. Wii Sports has gotten 10x the playtime of any other game in my small collection. Well, maybe only 6x the playtime of Madden…

P.S. Yes, I played with my Wii by myself. I also had a foursome… alone.

One Response to "Wii Tennis: (Mii * 2)^2"

  1. I just posted an entry about Wii Sports myself, more so about the bowling. The only other game I picked up for Wii at launch was Zelda since I had to divert some funds over to the insanely priced PS3 I pre-ordered. In any case, I'm a huge fan of Wii Sports and just keep going back to that game for some pick-up-and-play action.