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Wii Game Saves allows you to download Wii game saves (including game saves for some Virtual Console games). I remember the DexDrive allowing PC users to do something like this for their PSX, but with the Wii's SD card support, it's now available for everyone with an SD card and reader.

2 Responses to "Wii Game Saves"

  1. how do i bring a save game file over to my friends house 😐 ❓

  2. you need an sd card, it's a small rectangular thing usually found in digital cameras. London drugs or future shop staff will be able to help you better with that. Go into your wii memory where you find all of your game saves. There will be an extra tab called "SD Card" once you stick one in. You select the game you want to copy from your wii memory and it will notice your sd card and ask you if you want to copy it there, you say yes.

    At your friend's house you access his wii memory but this time select the game from the sd card tab and copy it to his/her wii memory. Hope that helps!