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State Lego League Competition

The boys did well for themselves. Having to completely re-write their programs in two weeks was a strain, but every score was better than their best score in the local tournament. Still, the high scores went up appreciably more: one team scored 357 out of a possible 400.

Many ideas for next year, if Carey and I do it.

Carey and I will remember the day for the wretched parents of the Grover Cleveland team, who not only ate our food (off our table), commandeered our table, sat and read at our table, and put pop cans on our folders, but also called Carey a bitch just for looking in their direction after I had asked one person to move. Parents weren't even allowed in the area. 😛

On the way home I had to swerve between two doe, missing both by a combined distance of about twelve to fourteen inches. Whew!

One Response to "State Lego League Competition"

  1. Ouch, that is horrible how those parents treated you and Carey.