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Even Jack Bauer Can’t Pronounce ‘Nuclear’

It's not "nucular!"

And is it just me, or does CTU LA get infiltrated every season?

10 Responses to "Even Jack Bauer Can’t Pronounce ‘Nuclear’"

  1. Well, yeah, but think about it this way, the only thing they're showing us is the time around when CTU gets infiltrated. For instance, in the three years between Seasons 1 and 2, CTU wasn't infiltrated, because they didn't show it to us.

  2. Season 2: best infiltration ever. Explosives rule.

  3. Well, they must be running out of things to blow up by now... Heh, Jack Bauer has saved the world how many times now?

  4. That's why they've moved to New York for the upcoming season.

  5. ok they werent not infiltrated in season 3, they dont go to new york in season 6, and who cares how you say nuclear!!!

  6. Yeah, it's strange, I am watching old season 2 episodes and the current season 6 episodes. KieferBauer has pronounced nuclear properly (new-clear) two times so far in season 2. In the more recent episodes he says "nucular." Whatbeupwiddat?

  7. I think the powers that be at Fox (conservative, pro-Bush) ask Bauer to pronounce it nucular to say, "If Jack Bauer says 'nucular', then, hell, so can our president." Think about it...just...think about it.

  8. It's obvious that 24 has a strong propagandistic inclination, using TV drama to socialize the viewing public into accepting torture and blatantly extra-legal tactics as an essential ingredient of no-nonsense foreign policy, and generally violating the Constitution whenever needed ... whenever Jack Bauer feels like it. Jack Bauer's stupid mis-pronunciation of nuclear as nukular can only be seen as another tactic of the dumbing down of public intelligence to the level of non-President George Dumbya Bush. Bauer's ignorant mis-pronunciation helps provide propagandistic cover for an ignoramus Commander-in-Chief who has led the most corrupt, inept, and catastrophically unintelligent "presidency" in US history.

    Republicans thrive on degrading standards wherever they gain influence -- lowering standards for air and water pollution, toxic emissions, public well-being, forests, oceans, rivers, voting technology, corporate accountability, torture, civil rights ... whatEVER they touch, they degrade. 24 colludes in the degradation on a weekly basis.

  9. Season 6, episode 3.

    Known Terrorist: "Nuclear"

    Bauer immediately after: "Nucular"

    Funny how it's the terrorist who gets it right.

  10. "Funny how it's the terrorist who gets it right."

    well they do say that the US's education system has been in decline for awhile now...