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Exporting from Blogger

Soon I'll be helping someone who has a blogspot domain export their entries. I'll then import them into WordPress and set the guy up with his own domain name.

I found these steps for exporting data from blogger, but I cannot walk this gentleman through these steps. He struggles with some of the more basic aspects of blogging, so short of me getting his username and pass and doing it for him, this probably won't happen.

Then, of course, I have to import the data into WordPress. Does WordPress do a reasonable job of importing Blogger data "backed up" in this fashion?

If anyone WordPresser has some helpful hints or wisdom, please share it. Thank you.

Update: Derr, I just noticed that WordPress' import will log into your Blogger account to do all of the importing. Can it be trusted to do the job smoothly?

7 Responses to "Exporting from Blogger"

  1. Yes. I took a large archive of Blogger posts, with comments, and imported them into a WordPress 2.0.4 blog a few weeks back without any hitches at all. It's pretty much magic.

  2. I too can say that WP's Blogger import is awesome. The posts are copied exactly how they were on Blogger, with comments and all, as Christopher said.

    The only "issue" is to have to manually file the posts under each category (and I have yet to see a "batch categorizer"), but beyond that, it is painless.

  3. It sounds to me like this someone would be better off using blogspot.

  4. He wouldn't, Joe, but thank you for the insight.

  5. I recently did a few blogger imports using WordPress' import works well, but does not work if the person has upgraded to Blogger Beta.

    If you end up with a 404 with a URL of see

  6. It was smooth sailing when I imported by Blogger to WP. It logged in for me and that was basically it. I loved it.

  7. [...] It turns out I'm going to have to wait to help a friend import from Blogger to WordPress. He has Blogger Beta, unfortunately, and the work-arounds are either too complex or too incomplete. [...]