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Fake Steve’s Best Ever

"Regarding our iPhone" may be the single best thing Fake Steve has ever written.

I realize this is the reverse of how most companies do it. Just about everybody else starts with the product, and only when it's done do they go, Oh, wait, we gotta come up with some sort of ad, don't we? Which is why most advertising sucks, because it's an afterthought. Not here. At Apple, advertising is a pre-thought. And if we can't come up with a good ad, you know what? We'll probably not even do the product.


So what's the hold-up? Well, it's packaging. Here at Apple we don't just put something in a box and ship it. We put as much thought, maybe more, into the packaging of the product as we do into the product itself. What we're looking to achieve is this magical sequence that takes place when you open the box. How does the box open? Is there a tongue? Two side slots? What color is the box? Which grade of cardboard do we use? How does it feel to your fingers? And what about inside? How is the iPhone itself presented to the customer when the box first opens? Does it lie flat? Is it tilted up? Is there plastic over it? Do we put a sticky thing over the screen that you have to peel off?

Fucking brilliant! And probably miles closer to the truth than most people would guess.