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ViiV, a Networked DirecTV HD-DVR, and the Mac

A release candidate software update to the HR20-700S DirecTV HD-DVR (version 0x108) enables, among other things, OTA programming access and "ViiV" capabilities. ViiV, of course, is Intel's little DRM-ish love-in, and as a Mac user - even one using Intel chips - I'm likely excluded.

Currently, people with ViiV-enabled computers can view their photos and play their music from a networked HR20. There have been some reports that installing Windows Media Player 11 and enabling sharing also works. Also, I've seen reports that installing TwonkyMedia on a computer running even Windows 2003 enables the appropriate forms of communication for sharing.

I don't currently have 0x108, but when I get it (as early as tomorrow night, as late as next week, if it's found not to have problems and is released nationally), I'll be investigating ways to get my "media" onto my TV over the network.

This, of course, assuming the iTV doesn't interest me, may be a nice way to run some quick slide shows in the living room for several people to enjoy. That, or a colossal waste of time and something completely uninteresting. My AirPort Express is already wired into the stereo, so a lame MP3 playback interface adds no value for me.