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MediaTemple (dv)3 Plan Slips to December 21

The MediaTemple (dv) upgrade (dubbed "(dv)3") has apparently slipped a few days to December 21. Still, I'm very much looking forward to the upgrade, as I've patiently waited for about two months now to move The Sand Trap over.

3 Responses to "MediaTemple (dv)3 Plan Slips to December 21"

  1. Hi Erik,

    Just googled mediatemple dv and your site was #3 I think. Has your site moved to the (dv) server 3.0? And what are your thoughts. I'm with a host right now that rocks perfomance wise, but suck at answering my questions. Another site is just the opposite, kinda bad in the perfomance arena, but great and super friendly in the question arena.

    How does mediatemple stack up? Thinking about converting...


  2. Christian,

    I'm quite happy with my (dv) server. I'm still on the (dv)2 setup. I wish they had communicated the slipping of the (dv) upgrade to customers better, but they've always been very responsive when facing actual support- or account-related questions.

    I'm happy with them, and the performance is an improvement over my previous host, despite consolidating two VPS servers onto one at about 1/3 the cost.

  3. Cool Erik!

    Thanks for the reply. I am definitely considering them, and The support part is the part I'm most concerned with. I read a post somewhere about getting mediatemple support that says, "this is outside the scope of our request."

    How do you argue with that? "This is inside the realm of my money?"