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MacSanta and a Brief Iris Update

MacSantaI've neglected to mention that Cynical Peak is participating in MacSanta. You can save 20% off Scorecard now through December 25, really benefit independent Mac developers, and pick up some good software at a good price.

Perhaps next year the app currently known as "Iris" will participate in MacSanta 2K7. It remains to be seen.

As to those who have emailed me recently asking for an Iris update, suffice to say the application is roughly 50% done. Remember the 80/20 rule, though: 80% of our time will be spent doing the last 20% of the work. So, 50% is more like, uhhh, well less than halfway there. Still, we hope to release the application - at least in (private) beta form - by Valentine's Day, 2007. In fact, the icons are being developed now.

3 Responses to "MacSanta and a Brief Iris Update"

  1. I can hardly wait for Iris. NetNewsWire is driving me crazy. I like that it's fast at displaying articles and that it syncs read status across machines, but it really doesn't do it reliably and it doesn't sync flagged status and the actual articles, so I constantly find myself looking for an article on one Mac that I read on another. In the end, it works just well enough to make me hesitate to make the effort of re-setting-up PulpFiction.

    And posting this comment just made me decide to give PulpFiction another shot.

  2. FWIW, I still use PulpFiction day to day. Works great. I don't have to sync, though. I've yet to see a newsreader that syncs really well.

  3. What I used to do, and started doing again, is to use rsync to send the PulpFiction database to my server after I quit and get it before I launch it. It worked well, except for the times when I forgot to upload it.