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Wii Weather

I woke up and saw that my Wii was flashing. Turns out Nintendo released a system update that enables the Weather channel. Carey and I had a grand old time grabbing the globe and whipping it around. We zoomed in on the North Pole to see if we could see Santa (he was napping, we figure) and on Australia to look for kangaroos. But, alas, all we saw was weather.

P.S. Seems a beta Opera will be available on Friday.

5 Responses to "Wii Weather"

  1. The Wii keeps looking better and better the more I hear about it and see videos of people playing it. I think my daughter would love the Wii remote controller (as long as she didn't launch it through the TV!); It gives you more of an interactive experience in gaming than just pressing a few buttons and moving a joystick.

  2. I'm a little dissapointed the weather isn't selectable by zip code. We selected Erie, though weather here in Meadville can sometimes be drastically different then Erie weather. You think since they're pulling the weather a service, they could access data by zip code.

  3. Have you shown her the NORAD santa tracker?

  4. [...] My Wii was flashing when I woke up, like other people’s. Nintendo sent us an email about a system update to install the “Forecast Channel”. After running a short update over the wireless network here, I was up and running. [...]

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