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Mark Cuban: Buy the Penguins AND Pirates!

&pittsburgh_penguings.jpgI haven't been following the "slot casino" news in Pittsburgh as closely as I wanted to, but it appears there may be a good chance the Penguins will move to Kansas City.

Of course, there's always the chance that Mark Cuban will realize his mistake and buy the Penguins. I've hoped Cuban would buy the Pirates in the past, and as a fan of all three Pittsburgh sports teams - two of which have absolutely sucked for a long time ((But, of the two, the Penguins clearly show the most promise for the future with the young stars they have on the roster.)) - I'm hopeful he'll buy one or both. Do you think he could get a volume discount?

Pittsburgh is a football city, but with a great baseball stadium (you did watch the 2006 All-Star game, right?) and a lot of history, it would be a shame for the Pirates or Penguins to leave. After all, the Pirates and Penguins were very well supported when they were winning, and making good money too, so a return to winning is the key to a return to profitability. Mark Cuban, if nothing else, creates excitement and has the ability to turn a perennial basement dweller into a winner.