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Five Things

Judi tagged me, so here goes nothin'.

Five Things you might not know about me:

  1. I have a degree in medicinal chemistry (and computer science and French), but I've never been a professional chemist. I like to think that college afforded me the time I needed to learn what I needed to learn. I picked up my degree in computer science in what amounted to my free time - I kept taking CS classes until finally I was three credits away from a degree, so I finished it out with an independent study (iChem).
  2. I cried when I read Where the Red Fern Grows in first grade. I cried again when I re-read it in third grade. So sad. Poor Old Dan and Little Ann.
  3. I used to run an e-zine called Apple Wizards. Several famous people subscribed to the magazine, we achieved a circulation of around 250,000 downloads per issue. Despite that, I never made any money on the site, and when I finally sold it the profits simply paid off some debt the hosting had accumulated. Bandwidth used to cost a bit more than it does these days.
  4. I really miss Florida. I don't miss the prices, I don't miss the über-heat, and I don't miss the people. I do miss kayak fishing (for something larger than bass), year-round golf, the ocean, taking Flint to the dog park, the wide availability of both culture and technology, and a few friends (some of whom have moved anyway). Still, I wouldn't trade what I had then for what I have now.
  5. I don't read anywhere near as much as I'd like. I attribute this to the fact that almost every job I have requires reading - of code, HTML, content for The Sand Trap. The last book I finished was a book about a cell phone company (RF Micro Devices), and that was about three months ago. I haven't begun another book yet (though I have several in my Amazon wishlist).

I'm going to tag Justin, Jeff, Jason, and Jeff #2.

2 Responses to "Five Things"

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