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Dobbins Landing at Night

Ron and I ventured to Dobbins Landing tonight at about 7:15 to shoot the holiday lighting the city of Erie puts on the tower there. It was a good use of my evening, and I learned a fair amount. These photos are untouched except some moderate angle adjustments, cropping, and resizing. EXIF data follows each photo. All photos were shot with a Canon Digital Rebel XT, and all but the first were shot with the IS 28-135 USM lens. ISO 100 was used with every shot.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 5826Aperture: f/8, Exposure: 10s, Focal Length: 80mm

Shot the Coast Guard building from short of the Bicentennial Tower just to get an idea what to expect for the evening.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 5829
Aperture: f/4.5, Exposure: 5s, Focal Length: 28mm

The Bicentennial Tower itself. I wasn't perfectly in line with the center of the walkway (notice the difference in spacing on the support lights). This leads to a slight "tilting" appearance, even though the center of the frame is perfectly vertical.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 5836
Aperture: f/5.6, Exposure: 4s, Focal Length: 28mm

From the platform about one story above street level in front of the Bicentennial Tower looking back up State Street.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 5842
Aperture: f/5, Exposure: 5s, Focal Length: 75mm

Same as the above, only shot vertically.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 5851
Aperture: f/5, Exposure: 6s, Focal Length: 28mm

Next, I walked around to the back of the Bicentennial Tower and shot straight up at the tower. I wish the sky was a bit darker in this one, but there's a lot of light pollution when looking in this direction - the pier, State Street, etc.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 5858
Aperture: f/10, Exposure: 10s, Focal Length: 135mm

This is the GAF factory just left of the pier (if you're looking at the tower). I shot it to try to capture the smoke plume, which I think looks pretty nifty. Any longer an exposure and the smoke plume just looked like a faded over area. Any shorter and the picture was underexposed.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 5865
Aperture: f/16, Exposure Time: 30s, Focal Length: 135mm

After we were done on the Pier, we went over past Sunburst and towards the gravel company. We parked and shot back towards the Bicentennial Tower. Here's a shot of the tower and the reflections from the pier on the water.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 5868
Aperture: f/36, Exposure Time: 120s, Focal Length: 100mm

And finally, for the heck of it, we shot back towards the Sunburst buildings.

Dobbins Xmas 2K6 2817Aperture: f/16, Exposure Time: 30s, Focal Length: 55mm

Here's a shot Ron took of Dobbins Landing from near the gravel plant. I used a "shake" flashlight (one of those battery-less "shake-to-charge" flashlights) which uses a blue-ish LED to paint the rock in the foreground off-camera to the right. It looks pretty interesting, if you ask me.

3 Responses to "Dobbins Landing at Night"

  1. Neat pictures, Erik.

  2. Great shots Erik! Man, I've got to get back to shooting more...

  3. Incredible beautiful shots. Thanks.