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MediaTemple’s (dv)3 is Out

MediaTemple has released their (dv)3 package. Within the next week or so, the Plesk migration manager will enable customers to move their domains, but until then, this document informs you that:

Early adopters comfortable moving site files and databases between servers can immediately open a support request to have a new (dv) 3.0 service added to your account. Your new (dv) 3.0 service will be free for the first month (pro-ration charges may still apply) allowing plenty of time for you to migrate all your data and web applications from your old (dv) 2.0 Server to your new (dv) 3.0 Server.

The "automatic" upgrades are even further out - say, five to six weeks or more. Instead, I opted to upgrade MySQL and PHP on the server using this KBase article. All the sites seem to be doing well.

The Sand Trap will be moved over next week, transcoding from MovableType to WordPress in the process. The forum database has already been moved (vBulletin requires MySQL 4.0.16 and PHP 4.3.3 or later).