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Month of Apple Bugs Lasts One Day?

A bug in VLC isn't an Apple bug, meaning the "Month of Apple Bugs" lasted all of one freakin' day.

VLC is not an Apple product, it doesn't rely heavily on Apple frameworks, and it isn't even an app that runs only on Apple's OS. I have no idea how the "MoAB" folks could justify putting this bug second. What's to follow? A bug in Microsoft Vista because Parallels runs on Macs?

2 Responses to "Month of Apple Bugs Lasts One Day?"

  1. The whole thing just irks me. They should be reporting any bugs directly to Apple, particularly if they're security issues. The automated email isn't satisfactory enough (FAQ #4, on their site)? Then don't spend time trying to hunt down the bug.

    They're also saying that they could sell these vulnerabilities to Apple. That sounds a lot like extortion to me.

    And seriously, VLC is a community project, today's bug was just a slap in the face of quality open source software. VLC isn't from some corportation these guys may or may not have a vendetta against - it's built by people who support free software.

    Fortunately, Unsanity's covering the issue pretty well, complete with fixes via APE.

  2. This isn't about reporting bugs to a vendor, it's about showing the huge size of their techno-dick, nothing more. They could care less if the bugs get fixed, just so long as they look good to the other l33t H@xx0rz