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My Cheapie Soft Box

I spent some time at Lowe's today, and I've built the frameworks for two "do-it-yerself" soft boxes. I got some five-foot lengths of half-inch PVC pipe for a whopping cost of $0.97 apiece, some three-way and 90° elbow joints for about $3 per ten, and eight round butt caps for $0.24 apiece. Total cost: under $15.

I also bought four 75W work lights ($2.97 apiece) with a little clip (and the lights to go in them - 13W 3500K halogens that are supposed to be equivalent to a 60W incandescent) and two 150W bulbs for the Alien Bee strobes (as modeling lights).

Back to the soft boxes, though: the larger box measures 24" H x 44" W x 30" D and the smaller box measures 15" H x 24" W x 15" D. Going from memory there, but those numbers seem about right.

Whitebox Framework

I'm a little worried that the large soft box will be too large, but I can always cut it down to size. Alternatively, I can disassemble both and fit the tubes together in an entirely different configuration.

Now I just have to find something to drape over it.

One Response to "My Cheapie Soft Box"

  1. Hello there 🙂 i was just out on the web searching for ideas in lighting my photography when I stumbled onto your blog here. I'm interested in seeing how this turns out for you. I like trying to make things myself, easier on the pocketbook and it doesnt support china lol
    Take care, just thought I'd say hi