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Box Shadows

It's nice to see WebKit add support for the box shadow property in CSS3. I look forward to the day when we can sit back and talk about the good ol' days when we had to build three separate images and stitch them together with clever CSS and HTML just to get a darn shadow.

My only fear is that Safari 3.0 will beat every other major browser to the punch, and the Web will be split for quite a long time until Firefox and - eventually - IE add support for some of the things that will have been in nightly builds of WebKit and released versions of Safari for months or years.

P.S. Firefox still doesn't support text-shadow?

3 Responses to "Box Shadows"

  1. The lack of text-shadow is still disappointing in Gecko based browsers - I'm wondering if the move to Cairo might make that easier to add in?

    However the reality is the only thing I use text-shadow for right now is reducing the visual weight of the fonts I use, and that only needs to be done in Safari right now, so it works out nicely.

  2. I thought text-shadow was deprecated in CSS 2.1 (source:

  3. yeah, text-shadow was omitted from CSS 2.1. Basically they said "hey, no one is ready to use this yet, so let's just put it off until CSS 3"

    the "text effects module" of CSS 3 is still in a pretty early draft, and they haven't yet included text-shadow yet, but it's on their list of things to do. I imagine that it will be included now that there are working implementations.