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MWSF 2007

This one is a simple poll, folks.


No doubt as I have time to absorb it myself, I'll post more.

9 Responses to "MWSF 2007"

  1. 10:48 am - cincular is the partner

    In one instant I go from buying two to buying zero. Not only does Cingular apparently suck now, but they are not available in my area. At all.

  2. Amazing product. The random-access voicemail is genius. Cingular makes me frown however.

    Some things lacking today too. No iLife, iWork, 10.5 updates. Perhaps those will come closer to 10.5 as I suspect they will be tied into 10.5 technologies somewhat heavily.

  3. Looks sweet. The Cingular thing is lame, I prefer T-mobile especially in my area. Doesn't matter much as I am moving to Europe in June anyways. I know what I want for Christmas next year though.

    Where was the Leopard?

  4. A bit disappointed. While the iPhone looks incredible, I am bumming a little at there being nothing I can take home today. I was hoping for a Macbook Pro update and iLife 07, but I guess we won't see iLife/ iWork until April when Leopard launches.

    New Airport Extreme was released too (in Feb). 802.11a/b/g/n. pretty nice.

    Guess it's time to go get that MacBook Pro C2D...

  5. Outside the US the announcements mean very little since we have no content yet in the iTunes store for the Apple TV and the iPhone looks like it has been designed for the US market and Cingular. Uk phone operators will no doubt make this a very expensive bit of kit to own.

    I was excited about the new Airport base station until I discovered the new speed will be available to all Intel based macs except for the Mini which happens to be the computer I own.

    In all this was the first time that I was significantly underwhelmed with Steve's announcements. So much for their bold homepage message at the beginning of the year. Hopefully the best is yet to come.

  6. The iPhone is the most amazing device of the last ten years. If it really does run a full blown version of OS X I'll get one even though I won't be able to use it as a phone until my Sprint contract runs out. I can't wait to see what third party apps come out.

    It's *that* amazing.

  7. [quote comment="37930"]…If it really does run a full blown version of OS X…[/quote]

    It doesn't.

  8. Oh but it does run a full-blown version of OS X. Just not *Mac* OS X.

    Apparently, there's a difference. Who knew?

    Methinks we just saw "OS X" truly become an umbrella brand à la Windows. But Apple's innovating, see, they've put the identifying monicker ("Mac") at the front!

    Think they'll be "honest" enough by the time the release rolls around to call it "iPhone OS X" or some such? Nah, me neither.

  9. [quote comment="38004"]Oh but it does run a full-blown version of OS X. Just not *Mac* OS X.[/quote]

    That's not what you mean. I don't agree that something can run a "full-blown" version of "stripped-down" OS.

    Especially since the AppleTV runs "OS X" too - and the iPhone likely doesn't have the same capabilities as that device. So, still not "full-blown."