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QotD: Purchased iTunes Count

Question: How many files are listed in your "Purchased" playlist in iTunes?

My Answer: 1329 items. I've probably purchased about 1000 of those (the rest were free). 1000 items tied to FairPlay is a little freaky to me, but at the same time, I don't foresee a future (not in the next five years anyway) that doesn't include using a Mac, so…

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3 Responses to "QotD: Purchased iTunes Count"

  1. 549 items, which doesn't include purchased (a tv episode and a movie purchased mainly to see what they were like) and free (a few tv episodes and a couple of short films lately) video content - that gets moved to external disks, no point having it cluttering up the MBP's internal drive.

    As to the ratio, I'm guessing, based on spending (~USD$300, though split roughly 50/49/1% against US, Canada and New Zealand stores, tracks are cheaper from the Canada store) I have bought about 330 tracks, the rest being free items.

  2. I'm not sure how many items I've actually purchased, since I move my content around quite a bit. But after a few minutes with in my Purchase History on the iTS, it seems that I've spent $515.16 since January of 2005. This does not include items offered for free from the iTS, or tracks that I downloaded using bottle caps in the Spring 2005 Pepsi promotion.

    While I was adding, I thought that the number would be outrageous. (I have a lot of stuff from the store.) But that amount isn't so bad. It averages out to about $21.47 each month over the last twenty-four months. I am a college student with no cable TV, and I think that $22/month is a reasonable price to pay for entertainment.

  3. 0
    I've still yet to download anything via the iTunes Music Store. I use iTunes all the time but am morally against the DRM. It would also cause problems with my home jukebox setup (streaming using mt-daapd from a MacMini running Linux). So I stick to places like for what I can get online and good old fashioned CD's for the rest.