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1000 Days

Today, as Adam pointed out, marks the 1000th day since Carey first emailed me back in, uhhh, 1000 days ago. Since then, this happened, and so much more, of course. We were married, bought a house, have sent a kid to school, and so much more.

All because of one 14-word email sent 1000 days ago today.

3 Responses to "1000 Days"

  1. Congratulations, and let there be another 1000 days, and another and another... 🙂

  2. Congrats man, I'm glad you found happiness. Your story reads almost like how my wife and I met, except for the whole distance and high school thing (Her daughter was 9 months old when we first met). Now that little 9 month old is a 3 year old who drags me into the living room to have a princess tea party (don't tell anyone though).

  3. Ain't life grand! The way you celebrate the people you care about is inspirational!