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Little Creek near I-79 and Humane Society

I drove over the little creek between the Humane Society and I-79 today on my way to Wegman's early when the light was striking. I drove back at about 9:15 to see if the light was still there. It wasn't.

I took some pictures anyway with the XTi. It definitely "underexposes" if you don't quite know what you're talking about. The XT tended to blow out the highlights a lot more easily than the XTi. Thus, with more highlight data preserved, it's easier to get better shots with just a little RAW manipulation.

I also set up a new blog-specific export in Aperture complete with little watermark.

Creek Closeup (Icicles)

Creek Graffiti

Creek Left

Creek Centered

One Response to "Little Creek near I-79 and Humane Society"

  1. Could have used the circular polarizing filter on a few of these I see. Almost took it, too. 🙂