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Mac Pro 802.11n

Why don't any news articles mention the Mac Pro when they're talking about the 802.11n capabilities for which Apple's going to charge $1.99? Example:

Apple on Thursday confirmed reports that it plans to charge customers a fee to download software that will enable the 802.11n capability in the Wi-Fi chips found in some MacBook and MacBook Pro systems. But it won't cost $5, as many reports indicated. It will cost $1.99, and will be available on Apple's Web site, said Lynn Fox, an Apple spokeswoman.

Apple's 802.11n page lists "Mac Pro with AirPort Extreme card option" as having 802.11n. I've got that. And yet every news story I've read fails to mention the Mac Pro at all. Can I "obtain" the "$1.99" upgrade?

3 Responses to "Mac Pro 802.11n"

  1. Yes, you can obtain the upgrade -- the Mac Pro's card is upgradeable.

  2. [quote comment="38906"]Yes, you can obtain the upgrade -- the Mac Pro's card is upgradeable.[/quote]

    Thanks. I suppose I should have been more clear. My beef is more with the news outlets that fail to include the Mac Pro in their reporting, leading me to wonder if perhaps my 802.11n chip is already enabled.

    For the record, if it is simply an accounting "thing," I doubt very highly if Apple is (privately) going to care if this enabler is pirated like crazy.

  3. My guess is they just see "Mac Pro" and confuse it with "MacBook Pro."