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Mike Tomlin, New Steelers Head Coach?

Gosh I hope so. He's the best candidate and has what appears to be a brilliant mind for football. Ron Rivera? Russ Grimm? Ugh.

Update: 01/22/2007: Yay!!!!

2 Responses to "Mike Tomlin, New Steelers Head Coach?"

  1. [...] Actually, of course, they hired Mike Tomlin, as I hoped they would. You can mouse over the picture for the real Mike Tomlin. Tomlin is 34 - the same age as Bill Cowher - and is a defensive minded person who has shown some creativity and passion. He's got a spark in that brain of his, and I think he'll be with the Steelers for quite some time. It's obviously very early, but I'm predicting that he'll win at least three Super Bowls in the next fifteen years with the Steelers. [...]

  2. Nice hire, I knew The Steelers would go young, no offense
    to the older candidates, but they just don't hire coaches every few years. Go Steelers!!!!!