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WordPress 2.1

/me twiddles thumbs waiting for WordPress 2.1 to be released.

9 Responses to "WordPress 2.1"

  1. Soon! They said before that they were shooting for the 23rd, then later mentioned "before the end of the month." 😉

    The release candidate came out a few days ago...almost there!

  2. [quote comment="39083"]Soon![/quote]

    The article I linked to with "released" says today, which is why I've posted this article. 😉

  3. Matt's been working on it since rising this morning 😉

  4. I'm still a couple of .0x versions behind, but I guess it's about time I upgrade when 2.1 hits.

    Also, Akismet released a new version of the plugin. Finally it can auto-trash spam on entries older than one month, which is where most of my spam hits.

  5. It's out! 😀

  6. I see. I installed it on Jack's blog and WP-Tiger Admin and the admin drop menus are a little goofy (mostly the Tiger Admin part, I think), so I'll wait a few days to see if the guy updates. None of the new features are very compelling for me except fixing the feed issue for /%category%/-based archives.

  7. Early indications are that my BetterWPMail plugin no longer works. I think this is largely due to the "nonces" added in 2.1. I don't know that I'll be able to continue to offer the plugin. We may all be stuck with crappy looking emails. 😉

  8. OK, I got bored (at 2am) and upgraded. I fixed BetterWPMail (but haven't yet gotten a comment to test).

    WP-Tiger Admin is a bit goofed up. I hope he releases an update…

  9. Looks the same (congrats). 😉

    Here's a comment to test, I don't know why I'm awake at 2 AM, either.