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Updated My WordPress Plugins for 2.1

I've updated my two WordPress plugins to support WordPress 2.1. In fairly limited testing (i.e. here on my blog) they seem to work okay. So… grab them from the plugins page.

From an end user perspective (i.e. as a blog admin, not a reader), WordPress 2.1 is incredibly underwhelming. It forces an en-masse "check" of all plugins with little added features. The one new feature - to Akismet - doesn't even work properly. I've gotten a few emails asking me to moderate spamments posted on entries older than 30 days, and have not been notified of other valid comments. I've not done enough testing to really nail this one down, though.

It occurs to me that perhaps - since WordPress relies so heavily on plugins - that a centralized "version" server should have probably been created by now. That way your WordPress installation could check once per day to see if new versions of your plugin were available. Instead, you're left visiting individual author blogs, and that often means trying to figure out if the permalink for version 0.9.1 will always be current, or if version 0.9.2 exists elsewhere on their site.

Update: WordPress 2.1 breaks ecto with a bad categoryId type.

One Response to "Updated My WordPress Plugins for 2.1"

  1. Strange. MarsEdit (I don't use ecto) works fine. I'd guess it's an ecto-specific issue.

    WordPress now has Ideas and Kvetch, and version checking for plugins was #1 on Ideas, last I checked. Looks like that might make it into 2.2.