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Snow Exposure

Turns out +1 to +1 1/3 is a good exposure for snow at 4:00pm on an overcast Erie January day. We're getting dumped on now fairly hard, but all the snow we've gotten has given me an excuse to both try the new snowblower (a Husqvarna 10.5 HP) and take some pictures.

The snowblower will take some getting used to (it's almost too powerful), but man am I able to clean up quickly. I plowed 4x as much sidewalk in half the time as my neighbor across the street.

0 Ev
Snow Exposure Test 1

Averaging the values in this produced a grey measuring 110 (or 0x6e), not far from the expected value of 118 (0x76) or "18% grey."

+1/3 Ev
Snow Exposure Test 2

+2/3 Ev
Snow Exposure Test 3

+1 Ev
Snow Exposure Test 4

+1 1/3 Ev
Snow Exposure Test 5

Move your mouse over the image to see what Aperture determined were blown highlights. The highlights just start to blow out here.

+1 2/3 Ev
Snow Exposure Test 6

+2 Ev
Snow Exposure Test 7

One Response to "Snow Exposure"

  1. here's some more info on shooting in cold weather.