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Ripped Bumpers and Winter Snowfest

I ventured to the Winter Snowfest at Frontier Park today. What a great place to sled! All we had growing up was the relatively puny hill at Gravel Pit in North East!

By far, the most interesting thing happened as I was leaving. A conversion van was driving along the road and sideswiped a parked van. The entire front bumper fell off. The owner was standing nearby, and clearly saw me with a camera, but the perpetrator (a.k.a. crazy driver) returned and admitted fault, and the two started hashing out the details. Had he asked for a photo, I'd have taken one.

After we'd walked quite a ways down the trail, I looked back and took a picture anyway. You can see here a van with no bumper. Coincidentally, the box marked "Fragile" was an ACME box containing a roadrunner. The bumper is to the gentleman's right.

Bumper Ripped Off