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WordPress 2.1 Screws Up Image Uploading

WordPress 2.1 has "broken" something I've come to rely on in ecto: the ability to easily upload images. Two problems exist:

  1. Thumbnails are automatically created (I don't want them to be)
  2. The "/" in the path I specify is ignored.

In the case of the second, if I specify photos/ and attempt to upload picture.jpg to my imgs folder (specified as the uploads directory in WordPress's settings), I instead get a file named photospicture.jpg (along with the unwanted photospicture.thumbnail.jpg) in my imgs directory.

As if that weren't bad enough, WordPress 2.1 tracks these image uploads in the wp_postmeta table and adds new rows to wp_posts with the type specified as "attachment." WTF is up with that?

This makes me want to stop using WordPress to handle my image uploads altogether. The image management features WordPress offers are weak or non-existent, and now I come to find that it clutters my database to boot? No thanks.

4 Responses to "WordPress 2.1 Screws Up Image Uploading"

  1. In other words, WordPress 2.1 doesn't put the files in the correct directory, creates a thumbnail I don't want, then adds garbage I don't need to two separate DB tables.

  2. I'm using Gallery for my image management needs. It integrates fairly well with WordPress.

  3. I actually like that we get now to see the images we upload also on the wp-admin interface. Now, I can easily re-use them if I only have access to a browser. The thumbnail kind of sucks, true. 🙂

    But, it is putting them where I want to. I can't even change the path in Ecto actually. It is putting them in the path I defined in Options and with the year and date, etc I setup it up to.

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