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AFC Proves Dominant Again; Congrats Colts

The Colts proved the AFC was again the incredibly dominant team last night. The only points the anemic Bears offense scored were essentially handed to them - three tries to get in from the five-yard line (after a nice 52-yard run) and a field goal after being given the ball deep in the Colts' end.

All this talk about the Bears defense was blown out of proportion - the Steelers ran roughshod over essentially the same team and the same defense last year on their way to a Super Bowl win, and last year I said that any AFC playoff team could beat any NFC playoff team regularly.

Thank goodness the Steelers didn't wait around for Ron Rivera. He may be available, but after that shoddy performance, who would want him?

P.S. Did any one seriously think Rex Grossman was a Super Bowl-caliber QB? Come on!!

One Response to "AFC Proves Dominant Again; Congrats Colts"

  1. They might have been shoddy. But considering that the Bears off. basically went 3 and out all night long might be tiresome on the Bears def.

    But of course, Bears played in a weak division in a weak conference, and I had no doubts that the "World Champions" (that cracks me up) would be the Colts.