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Free MP3 curl Shortcut

Copy and paste this into your Terminal. You may want to cd into a new folder for the occasion.

curl -O '{DDTS,BarLa_Eas_GGLive,cracker-low,Smile,bottomoftheworld,copeland_whenyouthought_hi,PIP_fallingbythewayside,ani-difranco-millenium-theater,brian-eno-david-byrne-regiment,spoon-mountain-to-sound,sufjan-the-henney-buggy-band,belle_another,aimee-mann-ill-be-home-christmas,mobylive,bloodbros,postalservice_district2,walkingwithaghost2,knowyouronion,braziliangirls_lazylover,james-kochalka-superstar-silver-can,Goodbye,For_The_Truth_In_You-Dntel_mix,lonelyastronaut(live),IceCream,BreakfastBytheMattressEPVersion,girl_ritter,fatalist_robbers,brother_annuals,darkermylove_summerishere,Nice_Boys_-_Johnny_Guitar,vannuys_los,everybody_guccimane,benjy_country,breakingthrough_figgs,JUSTSAYTHEWORDacu1}.mp3'

Thanks, Zune!

Unfortunately, the ID3 tags are rather poorly done.

4 Responses to "Free MP3 curl Shortcut"

  1. I like the Josh Ritter tune "Girl in the War." I saw him open for the Frames in Nov. '05 in Cleveland, he put on a good show. He has a new CD out the last couple of months I think.

  2. Awesome link (and nicely formatted command too). That server must be getting hammered, it's coming down pretty slowly.

  3. I actually clicked on your Zune link. Holy in-page and popup ads Batman!

    Steve Job made me think of you 😉

  4. Unfortunately, the ID3 tags are rather poorly done.

    Which is precisely what iEatBrainz is for.

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