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QuickTime Player, Full-Screen Controls, and Flash

For weeks, I've been bothered by the fact that QuickTime's full-screen controls don't appear when viewing content from the Radiant Vista's Daily Critique. The iPod Video versions of their files do, but not the QuickTime versions.

Flash TrackTurns out the reason behind this is the inclusion of a Flash track. Disabling the Flash track ("Show Movie Properties", ⌘J) allows the full-screen controls to return.

Radiant Vista's opening animation uses the Flash track, but only in the QuickTime file. The Podcast version (which, technically, is also a "QuickTime" file) does not use the Flash track and, thus, allows the use of the full-screen controls.

I'll post in the RV forums in the hopes that they'll use a rendered movie file to display their logo animation (I enjoy watching the Daily Critiques full-screen), but I wanted to document this problem here as it took me awhile to figure out why my full-screen controls were sometimes AWOL. Perhaps this is a bug (albeit one with a work-around: don't use a Flash track)?

3 Responses to "QuickTime Player, Full-Screen Controls, and Flash"

  1. I've filed bug #4984940.

  2. Apple says:

    This is expected behavior. Flash tracks cause QT Movies to fall out of Visual Context and back into G World drawing. Once you fall out of Visual Context you no longer get QT Player's heads up display (HUD) and therefore you loose your full screen controls.

    That's unfortunate. 🙁

  3. For some curious reason, Quicktime Player no longer accepts to open Flash content for me that it opened before. And the option to en/disable that function has even disappeared from the advanced Quicktime preferences?? !

    Is that expected behaviour too (or is it my punishment for waiting out v. 7.4.1)?