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.Mac Email Acting Up

.Mac Email

It's kind of obnoxious when half of .Mac (as far as I'm concerned - and syncing is the other half) doesn't work properly. This has been going on for a few days now.

4 Responses to ".Mac Email Acting Up"

  1. For about two weeks, and also via Firefox entries, hotmail & yahoo. Is a Mac Program flaw or have spammers over rode the program?

  2. Are you serious? Geeks like you use .Mac? You should know better.

  3. [quote comment="39461"]Are you serious? Geeks like you use .Mac? You should know better.[/quote]

    When all of your other email addresses are either tied to your hosted domains (and a single DNS issue could prevent you from getting any of it) or are your ISP's crappy email, yeah, many of us geeks have .mac addresses for various purposes. Nor is email the primary reason I have .Mac.

  4. I'd have to echo Erik's sentiment. I own a few domains, have a nice webhosting setup, a couple work related email accounts, a couple spam accounts (yahoo/gmail), and yet I still have a .mac setup.

    I've seen a lot of folks rag on .mac but overall I like the service and the concept. I bought the family pack so that I, my wife, sis, mom, and another friend can all have their own iWeb photo/blog site. They also get another email account and have relatively seamless and invisible backup of bookmarks, accounts, and other settings.

    Having created most of my sites from scratch and dorking around with various hosting and backup schemes over the years I can appreciate the simplicity of .mac, especially for my family. It would be great if it had the snappy response and uptime of, say, the iTunes store, but all in all I can't complain.