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Nelly Furtado

For those noticing something odd with my iTunes status (namely the near-constant presence of a Nelly Furtado song), yeah, I'm on a bit of a binge. She was on CSI:NY on Wednesday, and the show played "Maneater" and a few other songs. They've embedded themselves in my skull, so I'm hoping to beat them out or at least enjoy the music while I can.

I just read a passage about Joni Mitchell in Letting Go of the Camera by Brooks Jensen. He talks about how he loved her first album, but then hated her second album… until it grew on him. Nelly Furtado's third album ("Loose") is not at all like her first two albums ("Folklore" or "Whoa, Nelly!"), and while I'm far from claiming it's a leap of the same quality as Joni Mitchell's, I think it's a bit more than a "gangsta leap" like Mariah Carey (or Britney Spears, etc.) have made recently.

Then again, my friend Arion once told me I was a walking paradox in many ways, and my taste in music was one of them. Most geeks don't listen to Shania Twain, R.E.M., Aqua, and classical music all in a row. As always, feel free to mock me. 🙂

4 Responses to "Nelly Furtado"

  1. Aqua's music actually sounds like music, not just like gimmicky crap as you'd expect from their general genre. Aquarius especially is a good song.

  2. Though i dont really like the "whore it up" attitude, i'm digging a few of the new songs.

    I was a fan of the first two albums, not so much of the radio songs... but "Well Well" was sick. 🙂

    Nothing wrong with Nelly Furtado. 🙂

  3. I've been a big fan of Nelly's for quite a while but she looked like trash last Sunday night. I guess the look goes along with her latest album though. Previous two albums were hers, this latest was obviously produced under some formula to produce pop hits. It's not her at all.

  4. I guess I must be a weird geek with you then, my music tastes stretch from the 1400's to the 60's to modern trance and back to medieval music!

    Can't beat a bit of R.E.M. though, All the way to reno for me!