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On Choosing a Gravatar

I am, in no particular order, a geek, a Mac user, a husband, a (step)father, a golfer, a pool player, a TV viewer (with a few favorite shows), and a photographer (kinda). I play pool, I work for myself and do a variety of tasks, and I live in Erie, PA but have lived elsewhere, too.

Gravatar is re-launching in two days, and though I'd like to choose a gravatar for myself, I'm simply unable to. I can't think of the one thing I'd like to choose to universally represent myself. I don't have my own logo (perhaps I should), and none of my interests or any of the "hats" I wear define me to such a great extent that one thing dwarfs the other aspects of my life, let alone has a graphical representation that accurately portrays itself in 80 pixels square!

Yes, I think about these kinds of things. Internally, for weeks at a time, I agonize over whether I should change my buddy icon. I have no idea what I'll use as my gravatar.

8 Responses to "On Choosing a Gravatar"

  1. You don't necessarily have to summarize yourself. You could just show a piece of yourself, too.

  2. i agree.. my gravatar has no symbolic meaning of myself, it's just a crop of a photo i took a few years back.

  3. Mine just shows me .

    I don't think of it as a way of saying "Here's something about me" as much as "When you see this, it's me"

  4. Mmmm... I set my gravatar up once, I don't know when, but I haven't really thought about it. Once the service comes up, I've pretty much sorted what I'm going to use. It's a picture of me, as simple as that.

  5. I use one of the best pictures I ever managed to take, of my cat caught in mid pounce.

  6. This might be the first time I really agree with what you have said on this website. Yes, 100%. This has nothing to do with graphics for a Gravitar, but something that i went mildly crazy about for a while. I was asked a few months ago to join one of these "networking" online business communities. I couldn't even fill out the form "about myself" because there was only one blank for occupation. I have at least four jobs. I work for a 3d animation outsourcing firm in saigon, a mobile phone website, run my own web outsourcing outfit, and i own a charity that builds libraries in orphanages in asia. What would I put down? I was lost!

    So I didn't, and walked away from the whole idea of networking online. Face to face is better. 🙂 2 🙂


  7. [...] So, go ahead and get yerself a gravatar. It's (still) free. I hope you have an easier time choosing one than I did. [...]

  8. I just selected a one and its of a currently under construction skyscraper in New York City. I spend hours watching the steel go up and figured its analogous to what I do for a living which is build software.